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Insider Chat: Mary Pryor (with transcription)

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Insider Chat: Mary Pryor (with transcription)

The problems and potential of weed as wellness.

Friday, December 22, 2023
Time to read: About 12 minutes. Contains 3,229 words.

In most cannabis circles, Mary Pryor needs no introduction. The New York-based advocate, entrepreneur, and truth-teller has been an outspoken presence fighting for equitable access and diverse representation in the industry for the past six years. She co-founded the influential nonprofit Cannaclusive, serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Tonic CBD and Tricolla Farms, holds advisory positions with numerous brands, and sat on boards like The Parent Company Social Equity Ventures. I’ve personally seen her raise an inquiry about growers’ rights during a science panel in Portland, OR and lead a panel on the role of big businesses in industry equity in Detroit, MI. For many, she’s synonymous with cannabis equity efforts. 

That’s why seeing her step back from many of those online conversations and speaker spotlights this past year really caught my attention. For the last Insider Chat of 2023, I reached out to Pryor to hear what’s on her mind and motivating her current path. In true Pryor fashion, she didn’t pull any punches, speaking some uncomfortable truths about working in this industry, balancing day jobs, and marketing a self-care product in such a stressful time for most cannabis entrepreneurs. 

Keep reading/press play to hear why she’s stepping back from weed, why she hasn’t given up on it yet, and her recommendations for true self-care.

This transcription is slightly edited in a few spots for clarity. Listen to the recording for the full conversation, every “um” and giggle included.

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