Sticky Bits by Lauren Yoshiko—formerly The Broccoli Report—is a weekly source of cannabis news and trend reporting.

I am a 10-year industry veteran who’s worked in dispensaries, on farms, and for major cannabis companies while reporting on the cultural and commercial happenings for local and international outlets. I focus on providing helpful, inspiring information that helps inquiring minds better understand the cultural and market shifts at hand and equip entrepreneurs with the tools to excel at doing things differently—and better.

Dispatches arrive every Tuesday for everyone and, for paid subscribers, every Friday as well.

Tuesday reports are free and include a curated compilation of cannabis news items—updates on equity efforts and legislative shifts, interesting brand launches and product innovations, events, and funding opportunities, plus shoutouts to up-and-comers—along with thoughts on why they matter. 

Friday reports, sent weekly, are for paid subscribers only and range from deep dives on the latest trends to unedited, candid podcast episodes with an industry expert. Here are a few subscriber favorites:

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“I’ve gained a lot of insight not only on industry happenings, but introductions and visibility on the real folks behind the brands, experiences, and more. It’s hard for me to trust sources in the space, but I know with Lauren she’s not only advocating for folks, but she’s providing them with a platform, too.”

-Marketer and Brand Savant, Geraldine Mae Cueva

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About Lauren Yoshiko
When Oregon legalized adult-use cannabis in 2014, Lauren wrote some of the first articles about the industry. Through the years, she’s worked at cannabis farms and dispensaries, and reported on the commercial and cultural happenings in the industry for
Thrillist, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Conde Nast, among others. Through it all, the thing that inspires Lauren most is how frequently she sees people setting out to do things differently. She is the author of Green Scenes: A Guide to Legal Cannabis Destinations Across the US.

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Started writing about weed under a fake name in 2014, now I'm considered one of the first "cannabis journalists" in the game. Subscribe for trend and news analysis, plus tools and tips for entrepreneurs interested in the industry.